Special technologies

Thanks to our extensive machinery, we are able to offer numerous special processes for plastics development. From thermoforming to laser marking of plastics to stretch blow molding of preforms – all relevant processes in plastics technology are available to you for your individual concerns.

  • Research activity
    • Evaluation of the Processability
    • Small batch production
    • Material development for special processes


  • Project overview
    • Evaluation of thermoformable biopolymer films
    • Investigation of the processability of polyolefins in the injection stretch blow molding process
    • Development of a biopolymer compound for extrusion blow molding


Christopher Fischer
📞 +43 1 33 126 – 557
📨 cfischer@tgm.ac.at

Alexander Revesz
📞+43 1 33 126 – 476
📨 arevesz@tgm.ac.at

Machine park

Stretch blow molding machine
Brand: PET Technologies
Container size: up to 5 liters
Accessories: IR convection oven

Thermoforming machine
Model: 450DT
Manufacturer: Formech
Mold size: 430mm x 280mm

Blow molding machine
Model: VK 1/2
Manufacturer: Battenfeld-Fischer
Screw diameter: 50 mm

Laser marking machine
Model: LMI-I30-S SL + RO + V
Manufacturer: beLaser
Type: fiber laser