Compounding & material development

Two twin-screw extruders, as well as several devices for the production of small quantities, are available for the production of compounds. We are here to develop tailor-made materials for you and support you in adding additives to your polymers.

  • Research activity
    • Antimicrobial/biocidal plastics
    • Flame protection of plastics
    • Functional addition of polymers using glass beads
    • Production of conductive polymer compounds
    • Production of biopolymer compounds
    • Highly filled polymers with inorganic fillers


  • Project overview
    • Processing of biopolymers filled with glass balls for road markings
    • Development of bio-polymer compounds that can be composted at home
    • Development of antimicrobial compounds for medical technology
    • Reactive extrusion of polyamide for chemical bonding of glass spheres
    • Production of special compounds with carbon nanotubes (CNT’s)
    • Development of a conductivity compound for fuel cells


Christopher Fischer
📞 +43 1 33 126 – 557


Model: ZE 25
BRAND: Berstorff
with strand granulator

Model: ZSK 25 P 8,2 E
Brand: Werner & Pfleiderer
with sidedosing and hot beading

Measuring mixer
Model: PLE 330 and PLE 651
Brand: Brabender

Rolling mill
Brand: Troester