Material and component testing

The determination of material and component properties is often the basis for development and optimization processes.

In addition to determining material parameters, we also carry out component tests and are happy to develop special structures with you that meet your unique requirements. We have extensive measurement and test methods available for evaluation and assessment. You will find an incomplete overview of this in the following.

  • Research activity
    • Determination of physical properties (including density, hardness, surface tension, permeability)
    • Determination of mechanical properties (including bending, impact, tensile properties)
    • Determination of thermal properties (including MFR, melting temperature and enthalpy, viscosity)
    • Determination of thermo-mechanical properties (including Vicat softening temperature, heat resistance)
    • Charakterisierung des Alterungsverhaltens (u. a. oxidative Alterung, Kompostierfähigkeit, UV, Warmlagerung)
    • Characterization of tribomechanical properties (including friction, wear)


  • Project overview
    • Evaluation of the sliding properties of cable ducts
    • Influence of fillers on rheological parameters and evaluation of the dispersion
    • Color measurement for quality assurance in the compounding process
    • Evaluation of the wetting behavior of inorganic fillers
    • Characterization of the adhesion properties of antibacterial polymers
    • Evaluation of alternative test methods to characterize thermo-oxidative aging


  • Publications


Thomas Kratochvilla
📞 +43 1 33 126 – 477

Claudia Loder
📞 +43 1 33 126 – 627

Machine park

Universal testing machine
Model: Z005
Brand: Zwick GmbH
force range: up to 5 kN

Contact angle measuring device
Model: OCA 15
Brand: Dataphysics

DTMA with rheometer
Model: Physica MCR 301
Brand: Anton Paar GmbH
Measuring system: Torsion / Platte-Platte

Plastometer (MFR)
Model: 4105
Brand: Zwick

HDT- and Vicat device
Brand: Ceast

Hardness measurement device
ball indentation hardness, Shore A and Shore D
Brand: Frank

Hot stage microscope
Brand: Reichert

density test
Scale: AE 200
Brand: Mettler