About us

Back in 1957, Ernst Schmitz, a Diploma Chemist and Professor, had an idea. He wanted to apply his experience in trade, industry, and commerce to establish a training center for aspiring plastic engineers. With this, the “Laboratory for Plastics Engineering” (LKT) was born. It was the first establishment for plastics processing of its kind, with no similar model anywhere in the world at that time.

The name for the training center was deliberately chosen, “thus confirming the idea for a place where the practical applications of plastics technology could be researched rather than the theory alone” (quote Ernst Schmitz, 10 years LKT-TGM, Vienna 1967).

Since 1973, the LKT has benefitted from the extremely successful cooperation established between the School of Technology (TGM), the Federal Institute of Technology at the TGM and the Austrian Society for Plastics Engineering (GFKT).

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Laboratory for Plastics Technology (LKT) at the TGM is presenting itself as a dynamic center of technology for training, testing and engineering in the field of polymers and environmental engineering.

As a reliable development partner we offer engineering projects for TGM students, national and international training programs and together with our customers we work on engineering tasks, shaping the world of tomorrow.

As a non-university research institute and listed consulting company, we stand as a technology partner for national and international funded projects at the side of our customers and thus jointly contribute to the success of the European plastics industry.