Biopolymers are an exciting young group of materials in plastics technology and have become more and more important in recent years. Biopolymers owe this to their sustainable image and their special properties, such as compostability or oxygen and water vapor permeability.
Nevertheless, the process behavior of these bioplastics often proves to be challenging and the mechanical properties often require modification.

We are happy to support you in all matters and develop your tailor-made biopolymer together with you.

  • Research activity
    • Assessment and optimization of home compostability
    • Development of biopolymer compounds
    • Modification of oxygen and water vapor permeability
    • Processing of starch-based biopolymers


  • Project overview
    • Development and optimization of compostable food packaging
    • Development of foamed biopolymer packaging
    • Development of an injection-mouldable starch compound
    • Investigation of the recyclability and aging behavior of biopolymer films
    • Optimization of the screw configuration for biopolymer compounds
    • Testing of soy-based raw materials for the mechanical modification of polymer materials
    • Development of a formulation for a biopolymer for blow molding


  • Publications
    • Because every drop counts: Functionalized biopolymers for agricultural films (bioplastics Magazine, 06/2023)
    • Taking sustainability one big step further (bioplastics Magazine, 02/2020)


Christopher Fischer
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Klemens Reitinger
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Machine park and impressions

Model: ZE 25
Brand: Berstorff
with strand granulator

Home composting system
Volume: 30 to 120 liters
including temperature and humidity