State-of-the-art software solutions enable us to simulate your tools and components as early as the development phase. This makes it possible to get the most out of your products and processes and at the same time significantly reduce development times and costs.

Extensive processing and testing options are also available to improve and validate the simulations.

  • Research activity
    • Mechanical loads on components using FEM
    • Rheological design of extrusion tools
    • Simulation of injection molding tools (including balancing, filling, cooling)


  • Project overview
    • Design of spiral distributors for moisture-sensitive materials
    • Static calculation of buried thermoplastic corrugated pipes
    • Cooling channel calculation for injection molding tools
    • Rheological calculation and testing of a spiral distribution for the cable sheathing


Alexander Revesz
📞 +43 1 33 126 – 476

Harald Wilhelm
📞 +43 1 33 126 – 555

Simulation examples

Design of a pressure vessel

Filling simulation of an injection molded article

Simulation of material mechanics